The most neglected secret weapon in email marketing

What’s the most neglected secret weapon, the most potentially profitable email marketing program in the world?

The most neglected secret weapon in digital marketing.

Yes, your all-company mailing list.

Judiciously used, the all-company mailing list can leverage the people most invested in your success: the people you work with every day. Why? Because unlike your regular mailing list, you can (or should be able to) assure 100% deliverability of every message. Unlike your regular mailing list, the response rate of getting people to do something should be a significant portion of the list.

What’s more powerful than ever about all-company mailing lists is this: social media is powered by crowds. The crowd you have easiest access to are the people who work with you every day – but harnessing that power requires you to make people aware that you need your help, and corporate policies that permit you to use that power for your company’s good.

A fair number of companies understandably restrict usage of social media in the workplace for liability or productivity reasons, and it’s not our place to judge whether that policy is appropriate or not*. However, if your workplace is considering or currently allows social media usage, consider a barter agreement with your team members: you can access social, but you also have to help promote the company.

Think about all of the places online that you need a crowd – Facebook Pages, LinkedIn groups, Amazon reviews (make sure you give employees copies of books and ask them to legitimately read and review, not just astroturf), real world events – and then look to your all-company mailing list as a way of jump-starting those initiatives.

Christopher S. Penn
Director of Inbound Marketing, WhatCounts

* Fair warning: it’s highly likely employees are using social media anyway on their personal mobile devices, which means you get the worst of both worlds: decreased productivity and no control/oversight over what’s being shared.


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One Response to "The most neglected secret weapon in email marketing"
  1. Tim Brechlin says:

    This is also a handy way of indirectly gauging the “health” of your workforce. If you have staff that’s reluctant to share your company’s material, it could be — note “could,” as there are about a zillion other factors at play — an indicator that some team members aren’t as enthusiastic about the workplace as you might want them to be, which may be food for thought for management as it moves forward.

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