How to integrate Google Analytics data into email lists

We’re huge fans and advocates of using Google Analytics for your website as part of understanding your digital marketing and email marketing ROI. Most of the time, we use Google Analytics to track what happens after you use email to send customers back to your website. But what if we could use Google Analytics’ tracking codes a little earlier in the process and segment your list with them?

Strengthening Your Social Media Presence: Understanding Proper Etiquette

In our last installment of the “Strengthening Your Social Media Presence” series, we will be covering the importance of knowing and using correct social media etiquette to interact with your following. By now, you have already improved the quality of content you promote through your social media outlets and have begun to build a sturdy foundation of followers. At this point, the trick is to keep those followers happy with how you interact with them and present your brand online. By proving to your followers (and potential followers) through social media networks that you’re “in the know,” they’ll be more likely to be happy subscribers via your email list. The last thing you would want is for a follower that is considering opting in to think less of your content or brand because of a silly mistake that you are unaware you’ve made.

Build a social media insurance policy

Yesterday’s delightful technology crashes with Google Talk and Twitter should serve as a stark reminder and warning to everyone, a point that I reiterate all the time (and shall do so again now):

You own nothing in social media.

That Facebook Page? That Twitter profile? That Google Talk account? You own none of it. Zero. Nada. These services are not public utilities. They are not endowed rights. They are private companies that provide fallible, fail-able services to us and in most cases, they do so at little cost to us. As such they can vanish at any time, temporarily or permanently, and we have little to no recourse. All of the hours and money you’ve invested in that Page, profile, or account can evaporate instantly.

Making Opt-Ins a Real-World Option

If you’re looking to grow your email subscribers list, you have probably already exhausted a number of online options. You’ve featured an opt-in form on your page, required an email subscription for online content, and even included an application on your social media pages. But, have you explored the final frontier in your quest to promote your email list? The real world (gasp).

The most neglected secret weapon in email marketing

What’s the most neglected secret weapon, the most potentially profitable email marketing program in the world?

Yes, your all-company mailing list.

Judiciously used, the all-company mailing list can leverage the people most invested in your success: the people you work with every day. Why? Because unlike your regular mailing list, you can (or should be able to) assure 100% deliverability of every message. Unlike your regular mailing list, the response rate of getting people to do something should be a significant portion of the list.