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Be a better marketer by referring people to WhatCounts.

Are you a better marketer than we are? Then WhatCounts would love help you find and grow your marketing ROI with our new affiliate program! We’ve partnered with industry leader Shareasale to offer a referral program for anyone in our community who wants to refer people to WhatCounts and earn a little something from the referral.

Program Details

It’s simple: refer any friend or colleague to WhatCounts using Shareasale and if they’re qualified, you’ll earn $5 for your efforts as our thanks.

How to Get Started

If you’re an affiliate on Shareasale, simply search for WhatCounts in the program index. If you’re not, join here for free.

Why We’re Doing This

Here’s the bottom line and the reason why affiliate marketing is so powerful: you have an audience of people who like and trust you. No matter how good we are at email marketing, SEO, and more, you’re always going to have more trust with your audience than we will, which means you’ll always have more influence than we will with your audience. We’re more than willing to compensate you for your time and efforts to help us help your audience find and grow their email marketing ROI.

We look forward to seeing what you can do with the audience you’ve grown. As we published in our How to Monetize Your Email Marketing eBook, affiliate marketing is one of the fastest ways to immediately begin generating more money from your email marketing. We’re looking forward to helping you grow your own email marketing ROI with our affiliate program!

Monika Zeqiri
Partner Marketing Manager, WhatCounts


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