Boost your Facebook Page with email data

Want to boost your Facebook Page audience with a quick shot in the arm, but don’t want to dedicate an entire email campaign to it? Facebook supports notification of your Facebook Page to up to 5,000 email contacts. But who should you invite? It’s not as simple as just loading up your database (unless it’s really small). Ideally we want our active audience, and we want them to be people who have interacted with us in some way recently. So who are they?

Enter your email marketing system! Use your email marketing system’s reporting to identify those people and prepare them for Facebook. Here’s how to do this using the WhatCounts Professional Edition; if you use a different platform, you’ll need to check with your account manager or technical support representative for details on how to do this.

First, create an active users segmentation using Event-based Segmentation. We want it to be recent, so choose campaigns that have been active in the last 30 days.

Event Based Segmentations in WhatCounts benefit your Facebook Page.

Next, choose the behavior you want. In this case, we want people who have done something, who have taken action:

Next steps in setting up event-based segmentation.

Once your segmentation is complete, go to Export Subscribers and export the segmentation:

Exporting subscribers in Professional Edition.

Grab your export file and take a look at it quickly for correctness. Once you’ve verified that it matches who and what you expected to find, head to your Facebook Page and find the Build Audience control:

Using the data in WhatCounts to update your Facebook page.

Choose Other Tools and find the file that you created earlier:

Other tools you can use.

Preview the invitation, hit send, and your Facebook Page gets the shot in the arm you wanted to give it from the most active portion of your email subscribers, people who are most likely to respond positively about the opportunity to Like you on Facebook.

Try this out with your nascent Facebook Page (or even a page that’s been around for a while that hasn’t gotten any traction) and see how it works for you. One caution: Facebook Likes aren’t the be-all and end-all measurement of Facebook. What your fans do is most important, but having them is still an important first step. For more on this topic, check out this post by Tom Webster of Edison Research (and WhatCounts client).

Christopher S. Penn
Director of Inbound Marketing, WhatCounts


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