WhatCounts and Windsor Circle offer Magento integration

Windsor Circle and WhatCounts are pleased to announce a new WhatCounts Extension on Magento Connect. The WhatCounts Extension, powered by Windsor Circle, enables merchants and online retailers using Magento’s eCommerce platform to automatically export and analyze their customers’ purchase history and other data, and instantly build highly targeted segments in their WhatCounts email marketing account.

“This extension is great news for our clients,” says WhatCounts CEO Allen Nance. “The growing number of online retailers who use WhatCounts will be able to leverage the rich data they have in Magento to deploy powerful and effective email marketing campaigns through WhatCounts”.

“Our aim is to provide better segmentation, instantly, to retailers through powerful automation of eCommerce data analysis,” says Windsor Circle CEO Matt Williamson. “Case study after case study has proven that this can drive enormous revenue for merchants. Our data from two dozen clients and millions of transactions and email sends over the past year have revealed that the Lifetime Value of a repeat buyer is 4.8X higher than a one-time buyer. Email marketing can be even more effective when leveraging customer segmentation to increase repeat buying.”

With Windsor Circle connecting Magento to WhatCounts, you can easily and automatically gather and analyze customer purchase history data to create targeted customer segments in your email platform. Magento merchants can now send the Right Emails, at the Right Time, to the Right Customers based on automated business intelligence.

Magento to WhatCounts integration gives you the ability to segment customers according to products purchased – including brand, category and price – or based on purchase behavior: how often, how much and when. This instant access to customer information is proven to generate increased revenue and save you time.

Magento to WhatCounts integration creates product recommendations unique for each customer. Our software will set up fields in WhatCounts containing individual product details, including product name, description, image, pricing, etc… and enable you to send highly targeted, unique recommendations to customers based on multiple factors.

Magento to WhatCounts integration provides customer and business intelligence, and enables you to leverage the data you have in Magento and automatically build and update targeted customer segments in WhatCounts. You can then deploy powerful and effective email marketing campaigns such as:

  • “Replenishment” campaigns that target consumable products like dog food or lotion
  • “Win-back” campaigns to latent customers who purchased in the past, but not recently
  • Create an automated “Welcome Series” for a first time buyer
  • Reward “Best Customers” with insider specials
  • Cross-sell accessories to expensive products
  • Deploy brand-based campaigns for popular items
  • Targeted coupon and discount offers that reach the right customers with the right offer
  • Uncovering and tailoring campaigns to wealthy customers who live in high-income zip codes
  • Marketing expensive products and upgrades to your “Biggest Spenders”
  • Smart “Related Item” product recommendation campaigns to cross-sell complimentary products
  • Geo-targeted email based on proximity to a store location to boost in-store traffic
  • Create repeat customers and loyalty from one time purchasers
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One Response to "WhatCounts and Windsor Circle offer Magento integration"
  1. Bion Hall says:

    We currently send the following data fields via a whatcounts api:
    first name
    last name

    Does your magento extension handle the above listed fields? We are going to matento and are looking at your extension.

    Bion Hall

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