How to Engage Existing Customers Using Pinterest

Images are effective and powerful, occasionally even more powerful than words. Pinterest allows companies to use images to engage existing customers and create a community around products and brands. Here are a few ways your company can engage existing customers using Pinterest.

Contests are the perfect opportunity to get customers to engage with your brand on Pinterest. Contests can range from creating the “Best Board” or “Best Pin” to earning the most repins or like’s. Customers could post photos of the best outfits they put together or of the most creative craft project built from using your products. Contests are a great way to engage and see customers using your products in the real world, as well as how customers are using your products.

With Pinterest’s commenting ability, it’s a great place to conduct market research or test new product launches. The more customers feel that you value their input and that their ideas are put into practice, the easier it will be to retain a business relationship with them in the future.

Customers love attention and a great way to use Pinterest is to create boards that focus on them. It is an excellent way to listen to the customer and show them that you’re listening. For customers who have already purchased your products and are enjoying it, Pinterest is a way for you to learn about their experiences and encourage them to share it with others.

Collect pictures of customers using your products and pin them to the appropriate board, or ask your customer’s to pin their pictures to your boards. This way, customers can further relate to products, and brands have a way to thank their supporters by integrating them into their companies. For example, a clothing company can pin a photo of a shopper in one of its outfits, and writes the description of the products the shopper is wearing in the caption.

You could also create boards focusing on ways to use your various products, where customers can post their own images in relation to your business. Customers will feel special that the brand recognizes their involvement and creativity, and feel as though they are part of a real community.

Another fabulous way to engage existing customer using Pinterest, is to help consumers become emotionally connected to your brand by pinning content that reveals more about your brand personality than just your product line. You can create boards that show your company working in the community, the brand’s mission, employees at the company picnic or holiday parties and other things happening behind the scenes at the company. This will humanize your brand and create interest in the company as a whole. It will allow your customers to see you as a great company to do business with.

Whether you are pinning regular pictures, outlines of new products, blog posts or snapshots of your designs, try to keep your images engaging and interesting to share at all times. Pinterest provides an amazing array of ways where you can truly listen and engage with your customers.

Madison Murphy
Marketing Coordinator, WhatCounts