How SavvyMom increased clickthrough rate by 450%

SavvyMom welcome email

A new subscriber welcome message doesn’t necessarily have to be just one message. SavvyMom, a Canadian digital publisher and a WhatCounts client, increased new subscriber engagement by refreshing a welcome note that assumed readers were familiar with the newsletters. A new series of three emails now leverages focused messages and strategically designed graphics to walk readers through the offerings.

Here’s a very short excerpt of a wonderful case study about how SavvyMom worked with the WhatCounts team to rocket their email marketing program’s results to a 450 percent increase in click through rate. Read the full case study here on MarketingSherpa by Jeri Dube.

Step #1. Define the messages and timing while keeping the readers’ perspective in mind

SavvyMom regularly surveys its readers to stay in tune with their needs. Based on survey responses, the team understood that moms experience email overload. This understanding guided the company in its decision to use three emails in the welcome series and send them 10 days apart, to give new subscribers some breathing room.

Step #2. Personalize the content with dynamic text

The personalization in the welcome letter details how they became subscribers. For subscribers who registered on the website, the first welcome letter dynamically fills in their name and simply thanks them.

Step #3. Add appeal with graphic elements

SavvyMom worked hard to design the call-to-action buttons and ensure they integrated with the overall design of the email. These buttons and their careful placement are key to compelling readers to click through to the additional content.

Step #4. Make engagement natural for readers

Since readers often scan emails quickly to decide whether to read more, they used a zig-zag shaped Z-curve layout for the desktop design. The object of the Z-curve is to use graphics to attract the eye to the most important ideas in the email. The placement of these graphics resemble the letter “Z,” starting at the top left hand side, then moving to the right, next going diagonally back to the left hand side, and finally scanning again to the right.

Step #5. Include a “Recovery Zone”

The links in the recovery zone at the bottom of the email do not directly relate to the email’s main message, but it’s better to have readers engage with the brand in some way than not at all. Instead, since they link to other areas of interest such as advice from parenting experts or amusing cartoons, they offer an alternative when a reader hasn’t engaged or interacted with anything else.


A 450 percent increased click through rate wasn’t the only benefit. The open rate for the subscribers who received the new welcome series was 63 percent higher than for those who didn’t. The clickthrough rate for this group was 117% higher – all of which translates to increased business for SavvyMom.

Read the full case study here on MarketingSherpa by Jeri Dube, including incredibly in-depth looks at each of the emails in the welcome series.

Do you want to capture these kinds of results? WhatCounts’ Professional Services team would be happy to help you achieve similar results. Give us a call today at (866) 804-0076 or contact us online.

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