How long should emails be?

Here’s a wildly popular question: How long should emails be? Every other Internet marketing “expert” is saying that emails should be getting shorter, shorter, shorter, with anecdotes like “People don’t read any more”. (interestingly, these experts rarely, if ever, provide any data to back up their blanket statements) The reality is a little more complex [...]

6 ways to make your email marketing more human

  One of the cardinal rules of social media is “be human”, which is general advice suggesting that companies interact with their customers using a human voice and personality, rather than a faceless, monolithic voice of an organization. Isn’t it amazing that the same advice is rarely, if ever, suggested in the much more deeply [...]

WhatCounts and Windsor Circle offer Magento integration

Windsor Circle and WhatCounts are pleased to announce a new WhatCounts Extension on Magento Connect. The WhatCounts Extension, powered by Windsor Circle, enables merchants and online retailers using Magento’s eCommerce platform to automatically export and analyze their customers’ purchase history and other data, and instantly build highly targeted segments in their WhatCounts email marketing account. [...]