How long should emails be?

Here’s a wildly popular question: How long should emails be?

Every other Internet marketing “expert” is saying that emails should be getting shorter, shorter, shorter, with anecdotes like “People don’t read any more”. (interestingly, these experts rarely, if ever, provide any data to back up their blanket statements) The reality is a little more complex and highly dependent on what you’re sending. Let’s rephrase the popular question in the form of food. How long should meals be?

WhatCounts and Windsor Circle offer Magento integration

Windsor Circle and WhatCounts are pleased to announce a new WhatCounts Extension on Magento Connect. The WhatCounts Extension, powered by Windsor Circle, enables merchants and online retailers using Magento’s eCommerce platform to automatically export and analyze their customers’ purchase history and other data, and instantly build highly targeted segments in their WhatCounts email marketing account.

Advanced email marketing: time-based content

In a recent newsletter, email marketing author and former WhatCounts colleague DJ Waldow recommended looking at time-sensitive content, or how to adjust your content for timeliness. For example, let’s say you had a coupon you were sending out that had an expiration date. Wouldn’t it be cool if the coupon could change based on how close the expiration date was, or had a call to action to get a different coupon once the expiration date passed?