4 Things To Look Forward To at Email Insider Summit

Looking forward to the next email insider Summit!I am excited to travel to another Email Insiders Summit. I have always been motivated by my favorite statement: Dream Big. Work Hard. Learn Constantly. Enjoy Life. This event embodies these four focus areas. Attendees will be dreaming big about growing their email marketing ROI by innovating the customer experience. Lots of people work very hard to make events like this possible (Thank You). Learning opportunities will be around every corner. As far as enjoying life… well… if you know this crowd, they are experts!

Dream Big:

At WhatCounts we dream of an email world were customers are always receiving timely, relevant, awe-inspiring emails. These fantastic email programs are built on known ROI, and it is growing. I personally participate in events such as this to “listen, learn, and get better” so that I can help lead a team dedicated to the same.

Work Hard:

The email marketing industry as a whole is simply amazing! Being part of this group motivates me every day because I know good people are working smart on how email marketing can continue to lead the ROI way for marketing.

Learn Constantly:

I have said many times, “I have the best job in the email marketing industry”. I still believe this. Every day I get the opportunity to interact with marketers, email service providers, entrepreneurs, consultants, and an entire eco-system of talent dedicated to sharing best practices and getting better.

Enjoy Life:

The email marketing industry is fun. Simply put, each time I attend an event, speak at a conference, or just meet another email marketer traveling about my day I am never surprised that the person is interesting, talented, and is ready to enjoy the next adventure.

So as we launch into this year’s Email Insiders Summit lets dream big email dreams, work hard on keeping the channel number one, learn something new, and enjoy ourselves!

Allen Nance
President and CEO, WhatCounts, Inc.


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