RapLeaf InstantData Webinar

Do you know your subscribers? Do you know whether they have kids, what their household income is, what postal codes make up your email marketing database? Now you can, with our newly enhanced Rapleaf InstantData service for the WhatCounts Publicaster platform.

Rapleaf InstantData is a premium data service that will help you target and segment your email database over twelve data fields to improve your email ROI, including:

• Age (age range)
• Gender
• Location (city, state, country)
• Household income
• Marital status
• Presence of children
• Homeowner status (own or rent)
• Home market value
• Length of residence
• Smartphone user
• Influencer score (indicating social influence)
• Zip code

InstantData provides information on your email addresses for effective segmentation, aggregate analytics and more so you can personalize email campaigns, show customers more relevant content, and increase customer loyalty. Imagine being able to change what products you show in your emails based on marital status or change content and layout based on whether your subscriber is a smartphone user. All this and much more is built into the Rapleaf InstantData service.

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