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7 Responses to "The 220 Hour Campaign Structure"
  1. Jon F. Merz says:

    This is exactly what I needed. Does What Counts have a tutorial for handling segmentation lists like this? Thanks!

  2. Guest says:

    would this strategy negatively impact your brand if you promise to mail monthly but end up sending email weekly? also, for anyone that mails more frequently than 12 times a year, would an approach like this work?

    I’ve seen it work wonders to redeploy to non-openers ONE more time, but three? There must be significant diminishing returns.

    Has anyone correlated this tactic with unsubscribe/abuse rates?

    • Christopher S. Penn says:

      It would negatively impact if you did not specify to filter out people who had already opened and read it, absolutely. That’s key.

    • Parker says:

      We have tested resending to non-opens one more time, but using a different subject line. We will typically get an additional 10%-15% net gain in open percentages. However, we do see approximately a doubling of the opt-out/complaint rate. My guess is that many individuals are opening the messages without images downloading.

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