WhatCounts Edition 8 Winter Release 2012

WhatCounts is proud to announce the 2012 Winter release of WhatCounts Edition 8 for current customers and prospective customers, with powerful new features that will help you improve your email marketing ROI such as advanced multivariate testing, a new publishing engine, partner integration, and more.

Using multivariate testing has proven to increase email marketing performance by 20 percent to as much as 200 percent, but most email marketers don’t use it. Our new and improved A/B Testing Suite now lets you do full multivariate testing across subject, sender, and content variables in an intuitive interface.

Want to know whether the red button or blue button works better with an employee name or your corporate brand name? The new testing suite will let you find out, then send the most effective email. You can measure on any number of criteria and metrics as well, such as click to open ratio or responder rate, rather than just open or click rate.

Edition 8.2 sports a greatly enhanced engine under the hood. We’ve streamlined features to make sending faster and more flexible. Email marketers will benefit from more powerful real-time statistics, flexible filtering, cross-list de-duplicating, and a new mailroom that can ship millions of messages faster than ever.

Edition 8.2 now also supports better integrations than ever. Want to increase your email marketing ROI? We’ve partnered with great innovators like Windsor Circle, SeeWhy, Return Path, and industry leaders like Salesforce, Omniture Coremetrics, and Google Analytics to offer you powerful tools like shopping cart abandonment, end-to-end email marketing ROI metrics, and much more. Contact us to learn how we’ve boosted some of our clients’ email ROI by as much as 300% overnight.

With the WhatCounts Edition 8 Winter 2012 release, WhatCounts demonstrates our continued commitment to changing the game of email marketing with superior technology and services. We’re not stopping there. In the next 12 months, we’ll be implementing social media toolsets, enhanced campaigns, and many more exciting features.

If you’d like to enjoy the benefits of flexible deployment options, a dedicated account model, campaign production services, and video enhanced email to help find and grow your email marketing ROI, contact us today at 866-804-0076 or follow the directions below.

Christopher S. Penn

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