WhatCounts Announces Release 8.1.15

WhatCounts is proud to announce v8.1.15 release of the WhatCounts Platform for current customers and prospective customers, with 4 exciting new features, including a new WYSIWYG editor, click- to-insert tags, social RSS, and WYSIWYG article editing. Let’s take a look at these new tools to help you become a more productive email marketing professional.

The new WYSIWYG editor makes editing your content even easier. Using industry leading editing software, you can make beautiful email creatives within the application or copy and paste from other programs seamlessly. For example, you can copy and paste from Microsoft Word painlessly. To ensure maximum compatibility with your existing training and workflow, ask your account manager to turn on the new editor in your realm.

The new click-to-insert feature for WhatCounts tags allows you to simply click to insert demographics, links and social media tags. If you’ve got custom data from your CRM, Salesforce automation, or database that you want to use in your marketing messages, that data is now just a click away.

Do you use Facebook or Twitter in your digital marketing mix? Not only can you add social media action buttons into your template with just a click, you can also add RSS feeds of your favorite Tweets or Facebook Fan Page updates with just a few lines of text in your messages. Imagine being able to add content from your social media efforts automatically and effortlessly.

How often do you find yourself using and reusing the same pieces of copy? With the new WYSIWYG articles feature, you can design and create standalone pieces of text or graphics that can then be inserted into your messages. Perhaps your sales team has certain boilerplate messages for specific industry verticals. WYSIWYG article editing will let them put together large mailings of highly targeted messages in just a few clicks. Again, to maximize compatibility with existing workflows, ask your account manager to enable the new article editor.

With the v8.1.15 release, WhatCounts demonstrates our continued commitment to changing the game of email marketing with superior technology and services. We’re not stopping there. In the next 12 months, we’ll be implementing a brand new advanced testing suite, social media toolsets, enhanced campaigns, and many more exciting features.

If you’d like to enjoy the benefits of flexible deployment options, a dedicated account model, campaign production services, and video enhanced email to help find and grow your email marketing ROI, contact us today at 866-804-0076.

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