Updating email subscriber preferences in one click

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One challenge email marketers face is to provide subscribers with timely, targeted, valuable content that they’ve asked to receive. If that’s not hard enough, it’s also essential to consistently provide value. If not, subscribers lose interest and either begin deleting emails or unsubscribing (or – gasp – clicking the worst button in the world).

There are countless ways to ensure email marketing content is consistently valuable. We do our best on the WhatCounts blog to provide tips and suggestions. We write eBooks. We send out a weekly email called the GameChanger. Optimizing your send day/time for emails is a bit trickier, but can be done with some testing.

However, providing your subscribers content that is targeted to them – emails that address their pain points, their needs, their wants – can be a whole other story.

One method is to encourage your subscribers to update their preferences.

We’ve all seen emails like these that ask you to click on a link or button. Next, you are redirected to a landing page where you have to fill out some information and click submit. While that may work, it’s not super-easy for the subscriber. If you don’t make it easy – really easy – your subscribers are less likely to take the action that you want them to take.

Updating Email Subscriber Preferences In One Click

One way to make it easy for subscribers to update their preferences is to reduce the number of steps. Check out this email I received (below) from the company formerly known as oneforty. (oneforty was acquired by Hubspot after this post was written)

I love the From Name (oneforty – the name of their company) and the subject line (simple, clear, direct). However, that’s not the best part of this email. The goal of this email is to have subscribers update their preferences “in order to serve [them] better.” Notice how oneforty has made this process simple – one click and you’re done. There is not an “update your preferences” button that redirects to a landing page where subscribers have to do more work. Instead, oneforty has included 5 links. All you – the subscriber – have to do is click one of them. One click and you’re done. Easy.

What happens when you click? I clicked on the “I am a Social Media Manager” link and was redirected to a page with this URL


Notice the analytics tacked onto that URL. The page that actually renders is this one:

Notice the small note (in green) at the top. Suggestion for oneforty: Send subscribers to a unique landing page where you not only confirm the update they’ve just made, but also where you provide more details about what this means. What happens next? Will my emails now be more targeted? What can I expect next?

My bet is that my email preferences have been updated to either put me on the “Social Media Manager” list or I’m now part of a segmentation.

What do you think of this “one click to update your email subscriber preferences” method? Would you have clicked? What about as an email marketer? Have you successfully implemented a tactic similar to this? Please share!

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  1. Tim Brechlin says:

    Hasn’t Factory Direct become the GameChanger?

  2. web design orange ca says:

    This is really great stuff.

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