Find the Best Placement for an Email Subscription Form

During one of our previous webinars there seemed be a repeat of the question, “What is the best placement of an email newsletter signup on my website?

The answer, inevitably, is that it varies depending on your end goals and how important getting people to subscribe to your newsletter is in the strategy to achieve those goals.

If email marketing is a centerpiece part of your digital strategy (as we believe it should be), then your first focus should be on building a list. In which case, the placement of the email subscription form will be more important than if email isn’t a core part of your strategy.

So how do you test the best placement?

Create two pages with the form in different places on each page. For example, you could make two drafts of your website homepage, then place one sign up in the sidebar of your website and one at the top of the page in the right or left hand side of the header.

The next step is to set up an A/B Experiment testing the options in Google Website Optimizer.  Be sure to specify the conversion page so you can determine which form gets the most registrations.  In this case, it would be the Thank You page that follows after someone fills out and submits the form to subscribe.

This strategy makes an assumption that you’ve already build an audience with excellent content that meets the bar in terms of helpfulness and that they’re not already on your email list.

You will need to draft up a promotion strategy for this test.  How are you going to get the word out about your newsletter to drive registrations so you can test the placement?

After the appropriate time, check Google Website Optimizer for your test results to see which email subscription forms performed better for your website.  This should give you a snapshot of data which will help you determine the best subscription form placement to meet your goals.

Have you used a different method to test the placement of your newsletter subscription form?  Do you have some suggestions on how to improve this process?  We would love to hear other ideas for testing!

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