Email Marketing Tip: Clear Call to Action

After you get your readers to engage by opening the email with a non-misleading subject line, your next step is to include a clear call-to-action in your email.

Make sure it stands out and will catch the recipient’s eye. Include a link to a landing page, contact form, phone number, or another way for them to follow through with the action.

Two great examples come from Amazon and Google’s local deal/offers daily emails.

With Amazon’s email you get a clear headline of what the deal is with a huge orange button to call your attention to view more and buy.


With the Google Offers email, you get a more detailed description and the call to action could be a better, bolder color but it’s there with a view deal and buy button in blue.


Remember when putting together your company’s newsletter, you want to be sure to direct your readers to what you want them to do. Decide what action you want them to take and point them in the direction as boldly and clearly as you can (e.g., Download our free whitepaper now, Click here for 50% off, etc.). Contrasting colors, bold links, and other design techniques will help you call attention in the right places.

Bonus tip: Make sure your call to action landing page URL has a referrer tag attached so you can track the results in Google Analytics (or whatever analytics package you may be using). For instance, to track the results of this post being shared on Twitter, I’d take the URL and change it to:

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