5 Content Marketing Ideas in 5 Minutes

After reading Monday’s post on the Lifecycle Marketing Framework, you might be saying to yourself, “that’s great, but what are some concrete ideas I can use in each step of the framework?” Let’s explore 5 of them very quickly that can help your lifecycle marketing efforts get off the ground.

Acquire: Social Prospecting

Participating in conversations with relevant audience members in social media is one of the fastest ways to acquire new audience. Find relevant hashtags and topics and participate in social channels! Share great content, not just from your company, but also from others. Just since July 1st of this year, the WhatCounts marketing team has grown our primary social media audience on Twitter from around 600 followers to over 10,500.


Convert: Rapid Calls to Action

Social media has changed the game by which people interact with you. Metrics like bounce rate have become highly unreliable because of the way people find your content via social, read it, share it, and then return to their social outlet. In order to turn more of them into prospects, you need to use rapid calls to action. Here’s an example of one of our popups. Since turning these on in August, we’ve seen an increase of 300 percent in our desired action rate.

Grow: Frequent Email Newsletter

Consumers today are faced with over 5,000 commercial messages per day. In order to stand any chance of your content breaking through that clutter, you need to be re-presenting it frequently. WhatCounts switched from doing a monthly newsletter to a weekly newsletter, the GameChanger, and doubled our email-sourced traffic to our website in the process. More important, we more than tripled our conversions. Consider increasing the frequency of your communications!

Retain: Video and Rich Content

We’ve said over the years that video in email can increase engagement. In the past four newsletters we’ve sent, we’ve included video in each one and the result has been a 30 percent increase in clickthrough rate for our newsletter. Add relevant video to your newsletters and you’ll inform, educate, and entertain, all of which will drive bottom line results.

Reactivate: Organic Retargeting

If you want to win back lost prospects you never knew you lost, organic search retargeting is a great way to do it. The game changer in search retargeting in the last three months was Google’s announcement that shared links in social media directly impact search rankings. If you’re connected to WhatCounts socially, when you search for things related to email marketing, you’ll see different results than the general public. With great content and active social media participation, we’ve seen search traffic to WhatCounts triple since Google’s announcement.

We hope these five short ideas for using content marketing to drive results has opened your eyes to ways you can use the Lifecycle Marketing Framework to your advantage.

Christopher S. Penn

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