Avoid Misleading Subject Lines

Permission-based email marketing should be the foundation of your program.  Growing your list organically and without spamming is the best way to earn a great reputation as a sender and improve your sender score.

Part of increasing your subscriber trust is being straight in the subject line about the contents of your newsletter. Informative subject lines are the best route to go when sending your newsletter, misleading subject lines not only annoy recipients but are also illegal.

Social Game Changes for Email Marketers

The past week or so has seen some amazing, whiplash inducing changes in social media marketing:

  • Google+ has opened up to the public and added 10 million new members in less than a week, bringing its total user base to 50 million people.
  • Facebook has changed how it displays information on all its user profiles, putting more important items in the news feed and less important items in a ticker.
  • Facebook at its developer conference, F8, announced a series of major changes including its new timeline that will display content for a user’s entire life and Open Graph, which makes all applications inherently social.

Marketers would be forgiven for feeling a bit of panic and a sense of being overwhelmed about all of these changes and their vast, far-reaching implications. Email marketers have the added stress of wondering how these new changes in social media will impact subscribers and customers’ interactions with email itself. Allow us to share some insights and things you should be doing as an email marketer to position yourself for the advantage with all of these changes.

Getting Started With Email Marketing

As an Implementation Manager at WhatCounts, my job is to help you with technical configuration and provide platform training and support to get you started on the right foot, with the best email delivery possible.

In my role, I get asked a lot of questions about all aspects of email marketing. Because one size does not fit all, I often find it a useful exercise to turn those questions back around to promote introspection and brainstorming which will help you adhere to best practices and excel in your email marketing program.

How to use Twitter to drive email subscriptions

Email + Social has been an equation that’s been loudly trumpeted by marketers for years, from the early days of Friendster and MySpace to today, but most email marketers and social media marketers are not effectively connecting the dots. Each channel synergizes powerfully with the other, but only if you have the foresight to tie them together at the hip.

Design Your Emails With or Without Images

Are you designing your emails accordingly? Probably not.

One of the top design mistakes email marketers make is creating an image-heavy concept or one that cannot be recognized unless images are turned on. If your call-to-action or primary message is embedded in an image, you are guilty of this as well! This means recipients could miss your email content and call-to-action, causing them to delete your email or simply unsubscribe (and you will be missing that strong return on investment that effective email marketing provides!).