Video in Email How-To and Best Practices

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In a recent white paper, we outlined several best practices for dramatically increasing response rates and success for your email program using video. Forrester has reported that video in email can increase click through rates by as much as 2-3x. So, it’s clear that email engagement may be easily improved with the addition of video. Not only that, but using the WhatCounts click-to-play solution, you can also track that engagement even further by analyzing viewing behavior and tracking key metrics.  On top of that, triggered messages can also be set up to fire based on the user’s engagement with the video.

But, you haven’t tried it and don’t know where to get started.

To create a template with a video:

  • Go to Content > View Templates to display the Templates page.
  • Click Add, or select a template to edit and display the Create / Edit Template page.
  • If you’re creating a new template, enter a Name and Subject.
  • Click the HTML tab to enter the content for your email message.  The video will not display in the plain text
  • Click Add Video. The Dynamic Video Library tab will display within the page.
  • Click to select a video within the list. The image that will appear in your message and its associated properties will display to the right.


  • Click Add to Template. The Dynamic Template Videos tab will display.
  • Click to select the video within the list, and then click Configure Tag.  Make any changes to the properties described below (Configuring the Video Tag) and then click Save and Copy. The Video Tag will be copied to your clipboard.


  • Click Close and then paste the tag in the desired location within the HTML content of your message. Either right click in the Body field and select Paste from the menu, or press the CTRL+V keys on the keyboard.


  • Click Create or Save to save the template.
  • To preview the message, click on Update and then choose Preview.  If you’d like to change the image that displays in your email, just follow the directions in “Configuring the Video Tag” below. The link you will have to update is the Image URL.


  • Make sure to test your campaign to confirm that everything is working properly!

Configuring the Video Tag

While any video can be added to any template, each template requires additional configuration of the video properties. These properties are only used for the specific template in which the properties are configured.

To configure the Video Tag for a template:

  1. In the template you are editing, click Add Video. The Dynamic Video Library tab will display within the page.
  2. Click the Template Videos tab. All videos that have been selected from the Video Library to include in the template will display.
  3. Click to select one video within the list, and then click Configure Tag. The video properties will display, allowing you to configure the following:
    • Image URL: Location of the image to display in the template. When you upload a video, a screenshot is taken from the video and saved as a .jpg to display in the message sent to the subscriber. If you would like to use an alternate image, such as an animated .gif, you may enter the URL to the image.
    • Link URL: Page to open when a subscriber clicks on the video in the Display message.
    • Link Text: Text to display when a subscriber mouses over the video in the Display message.
    • Player Dimensions: Width and Height of the video player.
    • Auto-Play Video: Option to play the video as soon as the Display message page is viewed. Enabled by default.
    • Audio enabled on Start: Option to play the audio as soon as the video starts playing. Enabled by default.
  4. Make any changes to the properties, and then click Save and Copy. The Video Tag will be copied to your clipboard.

Want to learn more about video enhanced emails? Take a look at our short demo of how quick and easy it is to use video in your email.

If you are a WhatCounts customer who would like to use this feature, please reach out to your Technical Account Manager.

Agatha Niedzwiecki
Marketing Manager

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