What is an email address worth?

What is an email worth? You’ve likely seen signs at retailers offering discounts such as this one: Is an email address worth $10 of the retailer’s revenue? How could you tell? Let’s look at a few ways to evaluate the worth of an email address. I’m going to assume that you have goals and goal [...]

Publishers Can Use Email to Diversify Revenue Streams

Subscriptions to newspaper e-editions were the only circulation metric that grew for U.S. newspapers during the first half of 2010. As a result, publishers should consider utilizing online publishing opportunities to diversify their revenue streams in order to offset the decline in newspaper subscriptions. Here are a few opportunities that were published in a recent whitepaper [...]

Social influence metrics for email marketers

If you’re involved in digital marketing to any degree, you’ve likely heard of influence scoring metrics and measurements, such as Klout scores or PeerIndex scores. These are numbers assigned to social media participants by third party services based on their perceived influence. Some marketers have been advocating the collection of social media data along with [...]