Triggered Messaging

There’s a question that we like to ask our clients about email and that question is, when was the last time you received a timely, relevant, compelling email? Unfortunately, most answer that they can’t remember the last time. So how can your email program become just that? The answer: through targeted triggered messages.

Triggered messages are messages that are sent based on an exchange of information or a customer behavior. Triggered messages (also called transactional messages) represent an enormous marketing opportunity. These messages can be sent to confirm a purchase, welcome a member to your database or as a reminder to renew their subscription. Through API calls, timely emails can be sent to your customers to increase your engagement rates.

Traditional batch and blast emails rely on a level of guessing. Is the content you are sending relevant to all your customers? Or just some of them? How can you make your email more tailored to the particular recipient?

Triggered messages are, by definition, customized to your individual customers.  It is important to use data from your database (first name, past purchase history, etc.) in the message, as your customers are far more likely to engage with you from a message that includes information based on their unique profile. According to a MarketingSherpa survey, 54 percent of respondents stated that they open and read triggered messages “very often or always.”  By showing that you are paying attention to each individual uniquely, you will be able to win customers’ attention. With that in mind, this is also a great place to include cross promotions or upselling.

Triggered messages create a uniquely relevant and timely email campaign; one that will help grow a closer relationship with your customer and in turn, increase your revenue.

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